We’ve had a lot of compliments on the smart appearance of our Labatt’s 50 warehouse. It’s proven to be very functional, easy to maintain and great on energy savings.

Mr. C. Bechard. Agent and Manager La Brasserie Labatt Limitee, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.



We’re more than satisfied with our BEHLEN building. We had not had to spend a nickel on maintenance. Dubl-Panl® was definitely the answer for us.

Mr. R. Querion, Controller, Sullair, Quebec.



We chose the BEHLEN Company to supply our steel building frame mainly because of the structural design, insulation factor, energy efficiency, fantastic purchase price and the ongoing service that you provided through the design and construction phases. Burley’s has also been involved in other ice-rink projects that have utilized the frameless building system. In each instance the end user has been more than satisfied with the finished product.

Mr. P. McGuigan, Burley’s Rink Supply Inc., Johnstown, PA


The BEHLEN frameless steel building fit the bill. The twenty foot side walls provided an ample volume of workable space for the players. The building has out preformed all of the design criteria established for the project. The building keeps out the heat, retains the cold dry air with reduces dehumidifier operational and refrigeration costs. The building is attractive, functional and cost effective. The BEHLEN Industries Company supplied the building on time, complete and on budget.

Mr. D. McFarland, Project Director, The Architect Forum, Mackinaw City, Michigan



It’s architectural appearance is quite spectacular. It is located near the entrance to the Town and creates an interesting impression on visitors and residents alike. The Stephenville Dome has been a rewarding experience for us, both economically and functionally. Our initial expectations have been greatly exceeded.

Mr. M. Campbell, Project Manager, the Town of Stephenville, NFD



Overall our experience with the BEHLEN system has been very positive both in the planning and design of the project and the operation of the finished product. In my opinion BEHLEN met the challenge admirably with a product on time at a competitive price. I would have no hesitation to recommend your product to anyone looking for a sound versatile building structure.

Mr. R. C. Chrest, General Manager, Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB.



We selected the BEHLEN building because of its design which allows maximum use of the inside area and its energy efficiency. We are quite pleased with our decision to go with the BEHLEN building and would not hesitate to recommend this type of structure to anyone contemplating the construction of a similar building.

Mr. C. Fulsher, Secretary-treasurer, R.M. of Gimli, MB.



The parish is delighted with the final product and looks forward to many years worshipping there.

Mr. G. Alexander, Chairman, Building Committee, Church of the Epiphany, Gloucester, ON.


Video Testimonial

Andrew Colautti, President, Cohen & Cohen