Primary Framing

Primary Framing consist of all the structural elements which transfer loads to the foundations.

BEHLEN RIGID FRAME buildings are available in a variety of shapes and can be customized to meet your requirements.

• Clear Span: For maximum uninterrupted interior space.
• Multi Span: For unlimited building width with strategically placed columns.
• Lean-to: Supported on one side by either a clear span or multi span framing system.
• Mono Slope: This structural system has significant flexibility for many different types of applications.

Behlen Industries | Primary Framing Options

Behlen Industries | Secondary Framing Options

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Secondary Framing

Secondary framing consists of the elements which support the roof and wall sheeting and which transfer loads to the primary framing. Secondary framing is referred to as purlins on the roof and girts on the walls.

Both of these are protected from corrosion with G-90 standard and provide a bright interior finish that will last the building’s lifetime.

More Advantages To Our RIGID FRAME Building System:

Energy Savings

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Wall Systems

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Roof System

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