FRAMELESS Panel Wall System

Benefits to our Panel and Wall System

The entire system is manufactured from heavy gauge engineered panel with an exclusive roll form corrugation process that provides the structural integrity.

Behlen Industries | Panel Details

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  • 41″ wide panel are bolted together at 6″ intervals on the seam and footing channel with 3/8″ plated bolts.
  • Walls and roof panel are manufactured from galvanized, galvalume or stainless steel depending on requirements and are available in a variety of colors in both 4 ½” and 71/2″ corrugation
  • No heavy lifting equipment is required since there is no structural steel.



Behlen Industries | Wall Details

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Our wall system uniformly transfers the load to the foundation eliminating expensive heavy foundations, piers and piles that are required with other building methods.

  • Footing channel manufactured from galvalume material, eliminating potential for corrosion.
  • Wall system can incorporate windows, overhead doors, glass, wood, pre-cast masonry abs cladding materials to provide creative design flexibility.






More Advantages To Our FRAMELESS Building System:

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