FRAMELESS Energy Savings

Energy Saving Benefits

Clean Ceiling & Attic System

Natural ceiling providing a bright clean interior allows for fewer light units and lower energy bills. Natural ceiling means no exposed roof trusses, while providing a bright clean interior with high reflectivity.

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Air flow 

This allows for a reduction in the lighting requirements resulting in reduced energy costs. Our obstruction-free interiors offer easy climate control, which also delivers lower operating costs for our customers.

The attic cavity can easily accommodate inexpensive, blown-in insulation with an R-Value up to R60 which offers excellent protection against extreme heat or cold.

Additionally, the ventilated attic helps deliver lower energy bills and eliminates the risk of wet, saturated insulation.

Foundation & Erection Process

The FRAMELESS wall system uniformly transfers the load to the foundation eliminating expensive, heavy foundations, piers and columns, found with other buildings methods. No heavy lifting equipment is required for erection, since there is no structural steel.


More Advantages To Our FRAMELESS Building System:

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