Corr Span

Big-BenThe popularity of our frameless building stemmed from is sheer simplicity, as well as strength and longevity. The concept for this unique building system was to create a structure from an engineered panel system that would eliminate the requirement for structural steel. The results revolutionized industrial, commercial, recreational and institutional construction.

Around the world, BEHELN’s frameless building style is a popular building system offering complete customized and purpose-built solutions for a wide array of applications. It’s a system that offers limitless design combinations making it ideal for creating distinctive, world-class recreational facilities, aircraft hangers, compost and recycling & waste transfer projects, to name a few.


Examples of Corr Span Buildings:

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  • Limitless design combinations.
  • Quick and easy construction.
  • Superior weather tightness.
  • Maintenance free interior and exterior.
  • Clear span capabilities of 313 feet ( 95 meters ) or more depending on climate conditions.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Heavy Gauge.
  • Increased interior space due to the absence of any structural members such as columns and rafters.
  • Superior durability on our steel roof.
  • Modular loadbearing panel steel building system.
  • Strong acceptance in arenas and sports facilities.
  • No heavy equipment required for construction.
  • Even loading design means significant foundation savings ( up  to %15 ).
  • Can be integrated with various exterior finishes including stucco, glass, brick, blocks and metal clading.


The energy efficient choice:

  • Natural attic allows the use of a high volume of low cost blown-in insulation.
  • R-Values up to R-50.
  • HVAC requirements can often be reduced.
  • Lower initial costs and long term operating costs.
  • Reflective ceiling reduces lighting requirements.